" SNOW FOREST BULL (SOLD) - Des McCaffrey Wildlife Art


This is an example of one of those paintings inspired by a beautiful location I came across rather than the animal itself.  I’ve decided to title this 20” X 32” oil “Snow Forest Bull”.  The inspiration came to me as I set out on a hike to one of my favourite hunting spots early one November morning.  As the sun started to rise I was struck by the way the early morning sunlight cast its warm glow on a bank of poplar trees covered in heavy snow from the previous day.  When I first laid eyes on this area I could easily visualize a big whitetail buck standing there in the cool shadows.  Pondering later on this composition I thought to myself, I’ve never painted an elk in a snow scene before, so the decision was made to portray this large 6 X 6 bull elk using this glorious backdrop.

 ~Des McCaffrey