" DOWN HOME OUT WEST - Des McCaffrey Wildlife Art



Having been born and raised here in the west, this mule deer painting was long overdue.  My goal here was to create a piece that first of all portrayed a magnificent mule deer buck in all his glory, but in order to do that I needed a background to really make him pop.  So after plowing through hundreds of my old photos for a decent backdrop, this 2010 photo I took of an old log barn finally stopped me in my tracks.  Not only was this going to work for my background, It was also perfect to tie in that out west old homestead feeling that I wanted this painting to exude. 

~Des McCaffrey

Oil on Hardboard
30 X 40 Inches 
$12,000 (Sold)

* If you would like to purchase this original painting please contact us by email at mccaffreystudio@gmail.com for shipping information and to discuss payment options.