" THE DEER HUNTERS - Des McCaffrey Wildlife Art


A large ten point whitetail bursts out of the thick timber with wolves hot on his tail.  Perhaps they sense weakness from the old buck after a tough rutting season or maybe it’s a couple of youngsters just testing their luck.  Either way the outcome of this scene is anyones guess.  

I wanted to create a sense of motion in this painting by keeping my background loose and the main subject tight and to arrange the tonal values so the bucks expression and body language took centre stage.  Keeping the wolves in the shadows was also intentional and helps portray their almost unseen but ominous presence as they try and run down their prey in this eternal fight for survival. 

  Des McCaffrey




🍂 Artist Proof Paper

This option is a signed and numbered print which like all of Des’s prints are produced in his studio under his strict supervision on a wide format Epson SureColor Printer.  Using only the finest Italian made 100% cotton rag paper with a smooth finish, this option is hand signed and numbered by Des and limited to an edition size of only 95 prints.  This print is shipped rolled with a certificate of authenticity and is guaranteed to arrive in mint condition.  Custom framing is required on this print which allows you to pick exactly the frame and matt combination of your choice to match your own specific decor. 

🍂 Artist Proof Canvas

This canvas giclee version is printed with the same exacting standards as its paper counterpart but on an American made artists canvas.  It is printed smaller than the original painting which tightens up the detail in the artwork while allowing it to be more affordable and requiring less wall space. This variant requires custom framing of your choosing but without the need of glass and matts usually resulting in an overall lower framing cost.  Each canvas has two coats of archival varnish applied to it before it is signed and numbered.  It is then rolled and shipped with an accompanying certificate of authenticity. This canvas edition is limited to only 50 copies in total thus creating a high collectable value.  

🍂 Studio Canvas

This version of our canvas giclee prints was introduced for those who want a print in the identical dimensions as the original painting.  Once framed this canvas will be the most impactful version and really provide that “Wow Factor” to any room.  It is printed with the same exacting standards as its smaller counterparts.  The edition size for this studio canvas is set at only 25 copies in total thus creating a very high collectable value. As with every McCaffrey print they are signed and numbered by Des and include a certificate of authenticity before they're rolled and packaged for shipping.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.